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Those who are in search for quality home appliances, household goods, sewing equipment, fabric care, home cleaning, and sewing equipment now have the opportunity to buy it online. All Brands has been providing dozens of quality products for the past three decades and it remains committed in providing the most affordable items anyone is looking for.

It sells over 5000 products and more are added to the site every day. Some of these include:

All Brands: What makes it different?
  • Great Savings- All Brands is one of the very few online stores which offer incredible savings on the products that they sell. This is made possible because of factory serviced items that they fix and restore. These items are not marked as “new”, but their quality is pretty much the same as the brand new items that you will buy at a higher price. 
  • No defect for products- In reality, these items have lower defect rate because of the rigorous inspection and testing methods that it needs to pass before it is sold online.
  • Warranty-Moreover, the company services and delivers home machines that are sold within the US together with the product warranty. 

Those who find lower priced items can inform the company about this and the company will try its best to match the given price. There is no other online store which offers these types of services except for All Brands.


All Brands vs. primary competitors (sites similar to All Brands)

What Sites & Products are Similar to All Brands?

Some of the leading products which sell similar products offered by All Brands include Sewing Machines Plus and On Sales Sewing Machines. All three stores offer cheap and affordable sewing equipments, but All Brands remain the only store which offers high quality sewing machines and sewing equipments like instruction manuals, knitting machines, sewing furniture, sewing needles, smoking pleaters, embroidery supplies, dress forms and fabric & patterns plus more. These online sewing machine and equipment sites allow you to compare the quality, features and prices of the sewing machines sold; so you can have the best deals in the market. But if you are looking for a one stop shop that will cater to all your sewing and home appliance needs, then choose All Brands.

All Brands: Pricing & packages

All Brands: Pricing & Packages

All Brands offer very low prices on its items based on the close outs and better buys that the company gets from the factory serviced products. There are many combos, hard to find deals and exclusives which are combined with free ground shipping services to the contiguous USA like Disney Embroidery Machines sold at $2,999.00; Janome Sew Precise sold at $299.00 and Fabric Upholstery Steamer sold at $199.00; while the rest of the prices of the sewing machines sold vary from $30 to $150.00 depending on its features. In any case, you will find these rates so much lower than what other retails shops are offering today.

All Brands: Product images & screenshots
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All Brands: Customer reviews & comments

What Do Customers Say All Brands? (Consumer Feedback)

The items sold by All Brands are not limited to sewing machine products and equipments. Many purchasers consider it the best option to do their equipment shopping because of the affordable shipping rate which it offers and the product warranty that goes with it. It is convenient to buy items online because it allows payment through AMEX, Discover, VISA, Paypal, Western Union and ACG Equipment Finance. There is never an item too expensive for you to buy and an item too complicated for you to find in its store. The machines are so easy to install and operate through the helpful manuals that come with it. Moreover, the quick shipping together with the company’s tracking information makes the customers feel more confident that they will definitely receive the item they bought online.

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